Decentralizing the national narrative

Fri., Sept 24 * 11 AM ET * Live at The Shed & on Clubhouse

History Club is live from New York this week as we team up with Unfinished Live, a two-day tech festival at Hudson Yards, New York City.

Decentralizing the National Narrative

This week’s conversation topic will be “Decentralizing the National Narrative.”

Perhaps, at one point, a tidy national narrative of American history existed. Today, our knowledge of the American past is fragmented across traditional media, social media, university classrooms and different regions of the country.

What are the consequences of a “decentralized” national narrative? Was there ever a centralized narrative? If so, how did it emerge? If it’s gone, what has replaced it?

Join us on for a special Clubhouse conversation on Friday, Sept. 24th @ 11 AM ET. We’ll do opening comments followed by group discussion. (Add to calendar.)

How to attend


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How to find us @ The Shed

  • Clubhouse studio: Clubhouse will have a dedicated studio space at the festival. We’ll broadcast from there at 11 AM on Friday. Meet us at the studio 15-minutes prior to showtime. See floor plan below, space labeled ( C ).

Additional details

  • What: A special History Club conversation, part of Unfinished Live.

  • When: Friday, September 24 @ 11:00 a.m. ET.

  • Where: Live at The Shed, 15 Hudson Yards, 30th Street between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue, New York City + simulcast on Clubhouse.

  • Hosted by: Unfinished Live, in partnership with the Aspen Institute, Georgetown University, Clubhouse and many more.

  • Get tickets: Tickets include access to the entire two-day conference + lunch. Proof of vaccination is required.

  • Additional speakers: Emmy-nominated comedian Baratunde Thurston, speakers include tech journalist Casey Newton; CEO of the New America FoundationAnne-Marie Slaughter; tech entrepreneur Anil Dash; New Yorker Staff Writer Andrew Marantz; Vivian Schiller of the Aspen Institute, and many more.

  • On Twitter: #UnfinishedLive

See you on Clubhouse or in person, Friday, September 24 at 11 AM ET.

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