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The Filibuster in American History

The Filibuster in American History

Last week in History Club, we discussed the filibuster in American history.

The filibuster is once again a partisan talking point and a major news story (see herehereherehere and here).

What is the filibuster? What role has it played in American democracy? Is it a “racist relic” of the American past, as some allege? Is it necessary, or should it be eliminated?

This short podcast by Jason Steinhauer explains the filibuster’s origins and uses. The content was recorded live on Clubhouse as part of the opening remarks to our April 1st event. More than 2,000 people eventually participated in the conversation, debating how and if the filibuster is helpful or hurtful to American democracy.

Listen to the opening remarks exclusively in this newsletter.

The History Club meets Thursdays at 10 PM ET only on Clubhouse.

This week’s History Club saw several hundred of us come together to read and reflect on the writings of Lonn Taylor and his poignant “The Rambling Boy” columns.

We also listened to Lonn’s appearance on “The Colbert Report” in September 2014. Some History Club listeners asked for a video link to the show, and here it is.

Some also asked to read more of Lonn’s writings, which are online at Marfa public radio.

Thanks to Nathalia Ramos, Funa Maduka, Jonathan Fowler, Affan Imran, Rhian Beutler, Ian Davis and Minh Do for their beautiful readings of Lonn’s words.

History Club continues this week, Thursday, April 15. Topic and special guest to be announced.

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