A report from the American Historical Association annual meeting

December 2022

Thank you for making this an amazing year for "History, Disrupted"
How the billionaire’s long-held views are shaping the future of Twitter
How stadiums in Qatar connect to a bridge in Kentucky and a dam in West Virginia

November 2022

A barista at Starbucks confesses to a TikTok addiction
A new report examines the role of history content on the world's dominant social app
Hate, violence and corruption are confronting all Americans

October 2022

Announcing a new 8-week mini-course in partnership with New York Adventure Club
Tom Stoppard’s new play takes on the gravity of history

September 2022

Two weeks in NYC will merge public history with tech and social media
In contemporary Europe, America feels like an afterthought

August 2022

Speak to you in September (which is amazingly right around the corner)